About us

The Black Forest, its mountains and its inhabitants - for us it is a region that is not only worth living in, but above all worth experiencing. We were all the more delighted when we were given the opportunity in May 2005 and from 2008 to lease a restaurant in Schmitzingen and finally in Nöggenschwiel in the southern Black Forest.


We quickly settled in and were able to extend our hospitality to our first own hotel, the Parkhotel Waldlust in Häusern, in 2010. With the purchase of the Hotel Dorfkrug Häusern in 2018, we finally fulfilled our long-cherished wish for a modern, small Black Forest hotel, which is a convivial meeting place for both guests and locals.


Extensively renovated from spring onwards and furnished with great attention to detail in the elegant Black Forest country style, we finally celebrated the opening of our hotel Dorfkrug Häusern in August 2018. As a successful mix of cosy village economy and stylish hotel, the Dorfkrug Häusern has developed into an attraction for people who appreciate modern cosiness in the Black Forest style as much as an extraordinarily varied cuisine:

Whether Mainaubratwurst and Bodensee-Felchen, Swabian Maultaschen and Swiss sausage salad or Alsatian snails in a pan(Schnecken im Pfännle) and Italian stone oven pizza, in the Dorfkrug houses really every taste gets its money's worth. In addition there are freshly tapped beers from the region, excellent Baden wines and spirits directly from the neighbouring Black Forest distilleries.


Hm, already hungry?


See you soon, in our Dorfkrug!


Your family Piorun